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Rugged, Fast & Field Proven
15.9 mm I.D. to 76.2 mm O.D.(5/8” I.D. to 3” O.D.)

The V-MASTER is a lightweight, small diameter end prep tool for beveling tubes from 15.875mm (5/8”) I.D. to 76.2mm (3”) O.D. Featuring a patented push-pull clamp and release mechanism and permanently attached wrenches, it allows the clamps to release from a tube as easily as they tighten.

Ideal for performing bevel facing and boring on a wide range of tube and pipe alloys, the V-MASTER has dual opposed tapered roller bearings and employs the rigid FABMAX blade locking system to provide chatter-free performance and produce a thick chip without cutting fluids.


Available in different versions

  • Pneumatic Hi-Torque
  • Electric
  • Cordless
  • Air Clamping
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Key Features :
  • Bevels, faces & bores stainless steel & other highly alloyed tubing
  • Patented, self-centering, push-pull clamp and release mechanism has permanently attached wrenches
  • Only 57.15mm (2-1/4”) wide
  • Rugged with torque-free operation
The new improved G series Retention Band for G-01A, G-02A & G-03A Jaws set is captured within the Clamp Ribs is extremely durable, will not slip off and is unaffected by repetitive cycling.
  • Powerful pneumatic motor needs only 25 CFM air flow
  • Produces a thick chip without cutting oils
  • Easy-to-change mandrels
  • FABMAX blade locking system
Accessories :
Air Actuator Clamp Kit
Applications :
High Torque Slow Speed :
The High Torque V-MASTER is equipped with a powerful 1.25 hp slow speed motor. Its narrow 57.15mm (2.25”) wide gear head & wide range of mandrels make it deal for removing boiler tube membrane as well as overlay form 30.147mm (1.187”) i.d. to 50.8mm (2”) i.d.
Specifications :
Standard Supply Kit, Pneumatic Drive , Article No. 200010

The standard V-MASTER is ideal for end prepping all boiler tube materials and is only 57.15mm (2.25”) wide for accessing single tubes in a boiler tube waterwall. It can also be equipped with a membrane from boiler tubes.