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Cold Pipe Cutting & Beveling Machines
Pipe Dia. Range : Ø ½"- 120"

FABMAX™ Cold Cutting and Beveling Machines are Portable Pipe Cutting Machines for in-situ precision cutting and beveling of all pipe sizes, schedules and materials. The range covers a wide range of pipe sizes from ½" to 120" OD and are designed so that minimal radial and axial clearance are required for easy installation on in-line closed loop pipe.

The Machines are broadly classifiable into THREE DESIGN types.

Low Clearance Series - The Low Clearance series is designed to fit into tight working areas as well as minimize machine weights. These Machines are lightweight, but retain rigidity during operation. The low clearance Models are available from ø ½" -16"

Ultra Strong & Slim Series - This series of machines combines low clearance while providing additional strength. They are made of heavy duty construction offering greater rigidity during operation and can be used for higher wall thicknesses. The Machines from dia range 16"(Overlap Model) to 36" belong to this series.

The Worm Drive series - of Machines feature a worm drive gear system which provides the necessary power to cut extra heavy wall pipe and operate on pipes greater than 30". The machines from dia. range 30" - 120" belong to this series

Table of Models

Low Clearance Series

  • CCBM 052 LC
  • CCBM0 104LC
  • CCBM 0206LC
  • CCBM 0208LC
  • CCBM 0410 LC
  • CCBM 0612 LC
  • CCBM 0814 LC
  • CCBM 1016 LC

Ultra Stong & Slim Series

  • CCBM 1016 USS
  • CCBM 1420 USS
  • CCBM 1824 USS
  • CCBM 2228 USS
  • CCBM 2430 USS
  • CCBM 2632 USS
  • CCBM 3036 USS

Worm Drive Series

  • CCBM 3043 WD
  • CCBM 3648 WD
  • CCBM 4860 WD
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FABMAX CCBM Cut & Bevel Video
FABMAX CCBM Flange Facing
FABMAX CCBM Counterboring Video
FABMAX CCBM Overlay Removal Video
Key Features :
  • FRAME : Steel / Aluminum combination design gives High Strength to Cut / Bevel thick wall pipes, while keeping Machine Light Weight.
  • SPECIAL DESIGN : Cutting Head Assembly, Drive Assembly & Bearings provide rigidity of operation to take care Axial & Radial force reactions
  • Automatic Tool Feeding
  • Interchangable Hydraulic / Pneumatic Drives
Accessories :
Additional Attachments for Cold Pipe Cutting & Beveling Machines
Compound Single Point Attachment

The single point attachment allows multi-angled machining on heavy wall piping with minimal tool pressure and ease of cutting. This attachment also permits the operator to perform deep ID multi-angled counterboring. Flange facing can be accomplished by mounting on the OD of most flanges and re-matching the face using the auto feed system.

Counterbore Attachment

The counterbore attachment is mounted on the tool block on any size of the machines. It is manually fed by rotating the handle, which advances the counterbore bit axially into the pipe. With this attachment, various types of counterbores can be achieved.

Axial Feed Weld Overlay Removal Attachment

The overlay removal module mounts on the face of the machine and advances axially as the gear rotates, removing material from the OD of the pipe joint.

OD Mount Axial Shaft Lathe

The OD Mount Axial Shaft Lathe is a combination of the Overlay module and clamshell is available 3 size ranges of this package:
• 2-7" Shaft Diameter
• 2-9" Shaft Diameter
• 8-15" Shaft Diameter

Applications :

FABMAX CCBMs find usage in oil and gas, power generation, shipbuilding and other industries that provide spark free, precision cuts and weld preps. Unlike other competitive cold cutters our machines have more bearings making it the most versatile machine in the industry to cut and bevel pipe, re-machine flanges, machine shafts and more. Also known as Split frame cutters, or cold cutting machines in the industry, our portable pipe cutting machines are for in situ precision cutting and beveling of all pipe sizes, schedules and materials. Our line covers a wide range of pipe sizes from 1/2″ to 120″ OD and are designed so that minimal radial and axial clearance are required for easy installation on in-line closed loop pipe.

Specifications :

Frame :

The aluminum frame is a split ring assembly capable of being disassembled to be installed around inline piping. The frame has bearing mountings for the rotating head, a drive motor mount, locator pads for mounting to the pipe, and a gear cover.

Cutting Head Assembly :

The cutting head assembly is a heat treated alloy steel split ring gear assembly, which aligns with the split lines of the frame enabling the machine to be split in half. The cutting head has an integral spur gear on the outside diameter & mounting devices for tool holders.

Drive Assembly :

The drive motor assembly mounts to the frame and is arranged with a pinion gear on a shaft. The drive motor mount bracket is designed to accept the reaction torque generated by the drive motor.

Bearings :

The cutting head runs on precision bearings that provide for both axial and radial force reactions experienced in pipe matching. FABMAX™ design utilizes two separate radial bearing arrangements in very machine, providing maximum rigidity of operation. They are designed so that adjustments are not required.

Tool Holders (Blocks) :

The tool holders mounted to the cutting head assembly are provided with automatic radial feed "star wheel" mechanisms. They are designed to maintain the radial clearance equal to the frame diameter and feature adjustable gibs for tool support.

Locator Pads :

Adjustable locator pads are actuated by jackscrew from the outside of the frame. A set of locator pads with extensions to cover the machine's operating range is provided with each machine. Additional sizes for each machine are available


Tool Bits :

FABMAX™ tool bits are available for severing, severing and double beveling, severing and beveling on the side of the cut on which the split frame is mounted (right hand), severing and beveling on the opposite side of the cut (left hand), counterboring, socket weld removel, etc .

Standard Supply Kit

Each FABMAX™ CCBM comes as a complete set including :
In-line air, electric or hydraulic drive( as ordered) ;
Air caddy or oiler (with air drive selection);
Tool block & slide set;
stackable locators;
all required hand tools;
operating manual with parts list and gang box for equipment storage. No cutting and beveling tools are included in std. set and have to be ordered as per application requirements.