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Tube Fin Removal Tool
Removes Fin from Tube O.D

This innovative, time-saving tool eliminates the need for chipping hammers and grinders

Proprietary Blade Produces Exceptional Results

The FINMASTER tube fin removal tool is air-powered, clamps to the tube I.D., and features a patent pending fin removal head that peels the fin from a tube. No chipping hammers and grinders are required. A true time saver.

Available in different versions

  • Pneumatic
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Key Features :
  • Removes 4” (101mm) length of fin form the tube O.D. in under two minutes.
  • Pneumatically powered with no reaction torque to the operator
  • High grade tool steel cutter blade can be resharpened
  • Heavy-duty rack & pinion feed mechanism assures smooth operation for greater fin removal control
  • Rigidly clamps to the tube I.D.
  • Works in any position to separate the fin from tube
  • Easy to operate & no cutting lubricants are necessary
  • Saves a lot of time by eliminating chipping & grinding

The hand-held fin removel tool features a cutter head that efficiently cuts the bond between the fin & the tube O.D.

Accessories :

The FINEMASTER can remove a 4” fin from a tube O.D. in under two minutes and can be used in any orientation.

Easy to operate, the FINMASTER does it all. Once it is clamped into the tube I.D. and you engage the throttle, the fin removal head rotates, is fed into the fin, and efficiently cuts the bond between the fin and tube O.D. Built tough, the cutter blade is made from a high grade tool steel that can be resharpened, while a heavy-duty rack and pinion feed mechanism assures smooth operation, without requiring any cutting fluids.

  • Left hand wound fin

  • Right hand wound fin

  • Tube with fin removed
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